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My dad’s watermelons

My dad’s watermelons
I look a little worried in this photo. It may have been because I was starting first grade that very next week.

This picture from 1957 shows me (right), age 5, my dad Grover, and my sister Margaret, age 3. My dad is showing off one of his large watermelons raised from his personal garden. I marveled at his ability to farm and grow such plentiful, bountiful gardens and watermelon patches. He often grew melons that weighed 100 pounds. His secret was cow manure as fertilizer that would make the melons large and extra sweet. We lived outside of town but people would still make the drive from town to purchase my dad’s watermelons. He died in 1986, and to this day I have not found a watermelon as sweet as his were.

Gary Biles, Locust, Union Power Cooperative

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