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My dad the streaker

My dad the streaker

In the early 1950s I had been married a short while, and we were living with my parents on the farm. One night this couple (friends of ours) came by and asked my husband and me to go out to dinner with them, so we did.

This was one of the coldest nights I've ever seen. We got back home and it was so cold our friend parked the car as close to the back door as he could get. We were sitting in the car talking with the lights on for 10 to 15 minutes when all at once this flash went by the car lights.

Our friend asked "What or who was that?" Embarrassed as I was, I said, "That was my dad." He was wearing only his 12-gauge Fox Sterlingworth shotgun!

I thought they would never stop laughing.

The next morning, I asked Mom, "What in the world was Daddy doing out in the cold with nothing on?"

She said he had undressed for bed when he heard the chickens in the chicken house, so he grabbed the gun and ran to the chicken house to see what had disturbed them. In the meantime, we drove up and he couldn't get past us, so he stayed in the chicken house until he was almost frozen. He finally ran to the house. Mom said he shivered all night and thought he would never get warm.

Mary Jones, Roxboro, Piedmont EMC

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