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My First Library Card

My First Library Card

Recently, when I used my newfangled plastic library card, I flashed back to my childhood and my first visit to the library.

I was so excited to get my very own library card. I was an avid reader and loved to go to our small-town library to use my card to get books that would take me away to new mysterious places. Imagine! Such a simple thing that brought so much joy.

Summers were especially exciting. I would sign up for the summer reading program and eagerly use my library card for the chosen books. What better way to spend the day than disappearing into a book? Plus, an added bonus when you read the books on the list — you were rewarded with a certificate!

The library card has been through many transformations since my childhood, from paper with its own sleeve, to a present-day plastic card with its own keychain card.

One thing is for sure books still take me to magical places!

Stephanie Ray, Sparta, A member of Blue Ridge Energy

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