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My Lite-Brite and other gifts

My Lite-Brite and other gifts

During the Christmas holidays my younger brother decided to clean out the attic at the old home place. It was no surprise to find so much stuff I left behind when I first moved out in 1985.

Nevertheless, I brought my belongings home and began sorting them. Many ended up in the garbage. I couldn't believe it, though, when I came upon my Lite-Brite. It was still in the box, and written on it was "Christmas of 1970." (I always was one to take care of my toys.)

To my amazement when I plugged it in, it still worked, same bulb and all. Well, I was supposed to be doing paperwork that day but the little boy in me took over and before I knew it I was making a picture. As I sat there working on my art, many fond memories of Christmases long ago came to mind. I remembered the Rock-em Sock-em Robots and the Give-A-Show Projector.

I realized how thankful I am to God for great parents who made my childhood special. It dawned on me that my parents were really my best Christmas gift.

David Whitman, Kenansville, Tri-County EMC

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