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No April fools

No April fools

My sister, my best friend and I started out on an adventure the morning of April 18, 2001. Actually, we were just going to Smithfield for a day of shopping. It was relatively sunny when we started on out on our road trip. We shopped around a while, ate and had a good time.

It started to cloud up so we decided to head home. It began raining pretty hard. We pulled up to the house and ran inside. We were sitting around with the door open when we noticed that it was not just raining, it had started to hail. Then much to our amazement it started "raining" frogs. Yes, frogs. Little baby frogs hopping around everywhere! I was so glad to have other witnesses that day. Then snow began to fall!

We just stood in the doorway in awe. We felt like little kids witnessing something unbelievable: rain, hail, frogs and snow falling from the sky, all on one April day.

Angie Brooks, Dunn, South River EMC

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