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Rides of a lifetime

Rides of a lifetime
Romper Room 1965–66. I am second from left, looking a little bored.

Nelson Royal’s horses. I am on the right.


Lorretta Lynn in Thomasville.

Growing up in the 1960s, my mom and dad made sure life wasn't boring at our house.

There was my TV debut on Romper Room, WHGP Channel 8, with our first and favorite teacher Miss Libba Hinkle.

I have to admit our NASCAR days were not a favorite. I hated the loud noise. My mom made and had friends everywhere we went, and Flossie (the former Mrs. Junior Johnson) was one of them. These two were really nice folks, and I recall the time they invited us for a meal. Flossie, an excellent cook, fixed us a heavenly meal. Mother was wise not to tell us that the chicken was fresh that day, from the coop (Holly Farms). Mom couldn't wait to get every one of Flossie's' cookbooks.

Getting to go to Nelson and Andi Royal's ranch to ride horses and watch the rodeos was a blast.

Back in the days when Thomasville had a civic center, we got to go see Loretta Lynn in concert.

I lost my mother a year ago to pancreatic cancer and what a loss it was. I still have my dad and perhaps there are a few adventures still to come. But what a ride it has been.

Linda Crump, Thomasville, Randolph EMC

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