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This was when we first got Snowball.

When I was a little girl, and in fact throughout my childhood, Daddy and Mother ran a country store where they sold everything from shoes to fertilizer and nails. They also farmed, and because Daddy had one of the first self-propelled grain combines, he bargained with other farmers to harvest their grain as well.

They needed help from their older children to do all this, so my brother and I were “called into service.” My brother at the age of 5 would guide the tractor or truck in the fields as Daddy loaded on the hay or straw.

When I was 5, our family acquired a beautiful ball of white fur—an Eskimo Spitz puppy. We named her Snowball, and I latched onto her for my own. When she came of age, she bore two litters of puppies. Mother and Daddy told me that if I could sell them, I could start my own savings account with any money I got from the sale. I do not remember how much I deposited into my savings account from the sale of Snowball’s puppies, but I do know that opening my own account taught me the importance of saving.

Delores Thomas, Peachland, Pee Dee EMC

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