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‘Show Down’ Dancing, Family Style

‘Show Down’ Dancing,  Family Style

I remember giving birth to all healthy kids without complications, and we live a good life. We are a family full of laughter and fun, with a “Show Down” to top it all off.

You may ask, “What’s a Show Down?” Well, in our family, to overcome those little struggles in life, we pass the time dancing. My kids are very active, always on the go for long as I remember. Challenging one another, dancing at family functions, events, parties or when they’re just bored — their bones continue to move. Sometimes, I as a parent had to make them sit or stand still. I loved their spirit, and in my heart I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Out of four boys and two girls, one always stood out the most. Ja-na Sims loved a challenge, and it amazed me because she was so slim but full of rhythm. I thought she would hurt herself with the crazy moves! At the age of 13, a life change came for that child who loved a challenge: A greater challenge called “cancer.” Many family functions were held without those long legs bouncing around. She has sat on the side for the last three years because she doesn’t have the strength. The music is still in her because she smiles as her body moves in the chair. As everyone congratulates the dancer of the moment, I’ve seen the sadness in the eyes.

Nowadays we still dance without the crowds and we reminisce on the good old days. As Ja-na recently finished the second blood transfusion, we realize music helps everything and hold onto the many good memories that outweigh the bad.

Our family can’t wait for the Show Down — Cancer Free.

Felicia White, Tarheel, a member of Four County EMC

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