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Slow driving in Bath

Slow driving in Bath
Nina Cox Lewis gave me this picture of her father, Mose Cox, and The Silver Bullet on Hwy. 92 just west of Bath.

Mose Cox always bought old cars. The last one, known as The Silver Bullet, he bought in the 1950s. When he was the town constable, Mose would arrest someone who was drunk in Bath and take him to Washington to spend the night in jail. But by the time Mose got to Washington, driving 15 miles an hour, the drunk would be sobered up, so Mose would bring him right back to Bath.

He would drive around town in Bath with his dog in the back, and the dog would jump out and run into someone's yard to fight their dog, then he would catch up with Mose and jump back into the back of The Silver Bullet, and Mose would not have to stop for him.

I remember working in tobacco for Mose in the late 1950s. He would take his tobacco crew to and from the job in this car. Some of us rode in the car, some in back, some on top, some lying on running boards and fenders. We turned a lot of heads on the way to Midway and back to Bath.

Jimmy Taylor, Bath, Tideland EMC

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