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Snapshot sisters

Snapshot sisters

As young children, our family moved a lot, we were sharecroppers. There were seven of us children. We also had an aunt, uncle and cousins that stayed with us.

My memories of my childhood are few. I do remember living in a two-story white house with a large front porch.

This snapshot from June 1953 found its way into my hands, not knowing where it came from or where we lived at the time. It is of myself (3½ years) and my sister Shirley (5½ years). This snapshot is very special to me because it’s the only one I have ever seen of us when we were small.

With both parents and our oldest sibling deceased, I relied on my older brother Billy. He took the snapshot up to Newton Grove. He recognized the area it was taken — around the circle on the Clinton highway. He has been able to show us and tell us things and places we lived in younger years.

There are six of us living, and we try to get together once a month to celebrate birthdays and spend time together. Childhood memories are few, but I cherish the memories of family so dear. Life is short, so make memories with your families.

Lynda Hinson, Goldsboro, Tri-County EMC

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