The house in Memphis

The house in Memphis
The picture was taken in 1903 in front of my mother’s old house at 684 Chelsea St., Memphis, Tenn.

The pretty little girl in the Octagon soap cart is my mother, Harriet Mildred McQuinn. Her father, Thomas McQuinn, owned a dry dock business on the Mississippi River in Memphis repairing boats and barges. She and my father, Eugene Thomas Glankler, were married in St. Brigid’s Church in Memphis in 1924, and they lived with her mother in this house for a while after they married. Their first born, Joseph, was born in 1925 while they still lived there. He lived only two days.

I remember going from Louisiana to visit my grandmother when I was about 8 years old. That was a long trip in those days, and we weren’t able to visit very often. It was the last time I saw my grandmother, but I still remember the warmth and closeness of family generated in this house.

Darrel Glankler, Waxhaw, Union Power Cooperative

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