Tibett and friends

Tibett and friends
They would rather play outside.

The little guy on the right is my husband now. Tibett was 7 or 8 in this photo, about 1940. His brother Garrett is on the far left, and their friend Richard in the middle. These were neighborhood dogs they were playing with. They would rather be playing outside all the time, not like the kids of today with their cell phones, electronics, computers. They didn't even own a radio. If they wanted to listen to a story on the radio, they had to go to a neighbor's house.

It's possible that children were much healthier mentally and physically then, and probably didn't get into as much trouble as youths today.

That little guy on the right finished high school, went into the Navy and went through four years of college. He became an electrical engineer. He was determined, and he succeeded.

Shirley Meeks, Asheboro, Randolph EMC

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