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Sweeter by the dozen

Sweeter by the dozen
This picture was made at the home place. Mom and Dad were born in the 1880s.

My mom and dad had 13 children. One child did not survive, so there were 12 of us around their table. Can you imagine that? Mom made 72 biscuits per meal. She canned food by the half gallon: blackberries, peaches, corn, meat.

We knew work in fields of corn. We would hoe by hand. We cut trees and sawed lumber at sawmills.

Our mother had strong loving hands, and so did our dad. But I will never forget rounding the corner of the house one day and hearing my dad pray. It was the prettiest praying I have ever heard.

We boys and girls held together loving one another. When our parents left us, we borrowed money for their funeral. This is part of what has held us together to this day.

Troy Swaney, Lexington, EnergyUnited

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