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Tall Man, Taller Corn

Tall Man, Taller Corn
My father, S.C. Forrest, Jr., was 6’8” tall, so one can only imagine how tall the corn grew that year.

I remember our large garden each summer, making it possible for a family of seven to have fresh vegetables far into autumn. Our father made sure there was a local man to help us plant the long rows in early spring, but the harvesting was solely the responsibility of the children … and our mother was the head of the kitchen. And what a garden it was.

The picture is one of my father, S.C. Forrest, Jr., standing in our cornfield in Efland. He was 6'8" tall, so one can only imagine how tall the corn grew that year and the large amount that was harvested. Did I mention that we had a huge freezer of vegetables to see us through the winter? Butterbeans, corn, peas, green beans and wonderful tomatoes.

Even today my brother still plants a garden in the same plot of land, maybe not as big, but just as good. It surely makes one appreciate fresh food as well as hard work. I appreciate the discipline that is needed to grow and harvest a garden.

Jean Forrest Brooks, Hillsborough, a member of Piedmont Electric

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  • So love this story of my father and our garden, but we lived in EFLAND, NC. Thank you for publishing!

    Jean Forrest Brooks |
    November 28, 2020 |

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