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The Breakfast Ladies

The Breakfast Ladies

I remember Virgil and the delight and splendor of her life. She founded The Breakfast Ladies Club of Sampson and Duplin counties. Each month she invited two ladies to join her, with the meetings occurring on the birthday of each member. These breakfasts could take place in the homes of the members or in some preferred eating place. Many were and are being held at Glenna’s restaurant, a popular eating place at Delway on Highway 421.


Virgil’s month for breakfast was December, and she always hosted the Christmas party, when we exchanged gifts. This past Christmas we had a wonderful party and began this year with grace and hope. But in January we lost Virgil, who passed on to the Great Beyond. Now we must go on without her. We will always remember her zest for living, her beautiful vision and focus on helping others to live a joyous life.

Lattice McKoy, Rose Hill, Four County EMC

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