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The Easter fawn

Living in the hills of West Virginia you see a lot of deer roaming around. One Easter morning I was driving with my little sister on the highway and noticed that someone swerved on the road to avoid hitting a fawn. So we pulled off on the side of the highway to check on the poor little animal only to find that its mother had already faced the terrible fate.

The fawn was crouched down in the grass, understandably scared. My sister and I approached with great caution so as not to scare him back into traffic. I crouched down and opened my arms to let him know that

I was not going to harm him, and he walked right up to me and into my opened arms!

I picked up the motherless child and took him home so that I could care for him, waking up around-the-clock for feedings and playtime. My dachshund, Lillie, also helped to make him feel quite comfortable in his new home. My sister named him Bambi, and to this day our little buck still roams the mountain around our house and often returns for a little snack from his adopted family.

Candice Watts, Sunset Beach, Brunswick EMC

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