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The extra pieces

It must have been about 1979 when our daughter was wanting a "big girls bicycle" with training wheels. She was about 4, and my husband (her daddy) got up with his younger brother, Ross. They went into Morehead City to buy our daughter her first big girls bicycle. They also had to make the annual Christmas stop at the ABC liquor store.

Well, they found the bicycle that they knew she would be proud of, so my husband purchased it. The only problem was it would have to be assembled. So, on Christmas Eve around the hour of 1 a.m. my husband and his brother proceeded to put together the pink bicycle. At about 3:30 the same morning, I awoke to the sound of them cheerfully asking each other, "Why do we have these extra pieces?" I came into the living room where both of them seemed to be pleasantly high. I asked, "What is going on?" and my husband looked up and said with a boyish grin, "We have about ten bolts and nuts left over."

Needless to say, I tucked them both in, returned to the living room, and about an hour later, I had used up all the "extra pieces." The best part of that Christmas was that our daughter never knew just how silly her daddy and her uncle had gotten trying to put that bicycle together.

Judy Rhodes, Newport, Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative

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