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The Mommy Lesson

The Mommy Lesson

We fell in love with North Carolina when my husband was stationed at Fort Bragg. In May 1971, I was a first-time mom. We were invited to a wedding in South Carolina where Len would be part of the arch of sabers, under which the newlyweds would pass as they left the church. I attended with my 3-week-old son, James Thomas.

During the ceremony I decided to check the baby's diaper to see if it was wet by inserting my finger into the back of the diaper. Well, not only was he wet, he was "muddy," as we say in the South. I pulled out a messy finger. When the absurdity of the situation got the best of me, I started laughing so hard that I had the whole pew shaking.

I do not remember the name of the couple whose wedding I disrupted, but I will never forget the Mommy Lesson I learned that day. Two additional children and five darling grandchildren later, I have never repeated this "newbie" mistake.

Kay Sokoloff, Ocean Isle Beach, Brunswick EMC

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