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The Old Church at Laurel Springs

The Old Church at Laurel Springs
We still hold our Christmas play here.

This is the “Old Church” at Laurel Springs. It was built in 1908. Inside, a portrait of William B. Southern hangs beside the pulpit. It states that he was the founder and builder of the first church at Laurel Springs.

He was born March 4, 1836, and died June 20, 1915.

The Primitive Baptist Association meetings were held here once a year up until 1997. Five different churches and up to 10 different preachers from all over would come for these all-day, all-weekend-long meetings. My aunt Lucille Oakley remembers these meetings and tells of how wonderful they were with all the singing, preaching and fellowship.

This church holds many memories for the surrounding community. My church, Laurel Springs Baptist Church, is making new memories in it. We still hold our special services in this church, including our annual Old Fashion Day and Christmas play. We want to keep the memories alive and honor those who have worked so hard for the community to have a place of worship.

Sonya S. Boyd, Dobson, Surry-Yadkin EMC

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