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The old family roasting pan

The old family roasting pan

Growing up, I was my mother’s “sous-chef,” learning the recipes handed down through our generations. My grandmother passed the torch to my aunt, who then passed it to my mother. As if in the Thanksgiving Olympics, the torch is now in my possession, and I continue to strive for gold.
My mom used an old beat-up, much-loved roasting pan that her mother made the turkeys in. Mom said by using the pan, it felt like her mom’s presence was near, still helping with the feast. So, like my mother, I continue to use the old beat-up family roasting pan. It brings my mother’s memory close during the holidays.

I may try new dishes every year, but every year it’s the tried-and-true dishes we enjoy the most, the comfort foods we’ve eaten with loved ones now past. Just like a scent, taste can bring back memories.

Every family has its own “recipe” for tradition that is special to them. For me, it’s waking up early to start prepping the turkey as the Macy’s parade is in full swing. My grandmother’s roasting pan symbolizes family brought together year after year to celebrate being thankful for one another.

Cara Perciaccanto, Youngsville, Wake EMC

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