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The Old Homeplace of Childhood

The Old Homeplace of Childhood

My paternal grandparents were very dear to me. As a child, I spent many days and nights on their farm climbing apple trees, picking luscious, purple grapes, and following grandpa through rows of homegrown vegetables in his garden.

They are shown in the photo after having Sunday dinner at the old homeplace. The silver tank to the left supplied gas for the small kitchen stove. To the right is the washtub used for bathing me, my younger sister and brother. Water would be heated in two large pots on the kitchen stove and combined with enough cold water in which to comfortably wash three kids. The child who was least dirty was washed first. This was common practice every weeknight; however, on Saturday nights, each child got a clean tub of water because mama washed our hair for church the next day.

The old homeplace was burned down by the Alexander County Fire Department several years ago. No trace of it stands today except for the memories — memories I will forever cherish and record for future generations.

Cathy Hickerson, Hiddenite, a member of EnergyUnited

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