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The old yellow truck

The old yellow truck
Here’s the old yellow truck and my dad Garry Lee Richardson, my son Joseph Garry Spurlin, and our dogs Angel and Harley.

When my grandfather Jones Nathan Richardson passed away in January 1994, he left behind not only his teachings and Christian love, but also the old yellow Chevy truck. My father, Garry Richardson, has this truck now, and every time he drives down the road I think about my grandfather. He would always do for everyone else before himself. When he was in the hospital dying of cancer, he would go visit other patients. He was always spreading the gospel.

I see a lot of my grandfather in my father, his teaching, his love and how he always does for everyone else. One day my father will hand the keys of this yellow truck to me, and then I will hand them down to my son. I hope to be half the person my grandfather was and my father is. And I hope to teach my son about love and doing for someone else before yourself.

Shelly Spurlin, Catawba, EnergyUnited

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