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Underwater treasure

Every summer my cousin and I would attend the Melton family reunion at my grandparents’ lake house on Lake Norman. We’d watch different items “kerplunk” off of the pier. Some people would forget their sunglasses on their heads as they were pulled away from the pier on water skis. Some would drop a brush or comb off the end of the boat dock. I can remember my grandmother dropping a jar of fingernail polish. All kinds of treasures went into the water for later retrieval.
 After the guests were gone, it was time to go hunting. My cousin Mark and I, about 12 years old, would hit the water. With my hands on his shoulders, he’d take one big breath and under he’d go. I’d shove with my hands then climb onto his shoulders. I’d stand and wait. He’d make it to the bottom to feel around for all of the lost items from present and past reunions. In a few minutes, up he’d come with a long lost mug or a pair of pliers.

Susan Venturini, Union Grove, EnergyUnited

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