December 2011 - Carolina Country

December 2011

December 2011

Feature Stories

Net Zero Energy

At the Solar Decathlon, houses designed and built by students show how sweet homes can be


No matter how much you love something or someone, there comes a releasing time

Co-ops Love Kids

Co-ops go the extra mile to show children the benefits of co-op membership


More Power

Light displays are changing to LEDs

Give renewable energy for the holidays

Should we shut off our water heater until we need it?

Try This!

LED holiday lights help lower your power bill

Jacob’s Log:

The old man and me

I Remember

Making biscuits with Magar

Christmas at Grandma's

Your Energy, Your Future

Easy entertaining tips for your holiday gatherings

Remember it should be fun and festive, not overwhelming

Green gifts that save energy and help the environment

Today’s holiday shoppers have more choices than ever

Be careful when withdrawing retirement funds

Learn the rules around your savings when it comes to withdrawals

The new lights

Greener cleaning

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