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My two-apron garden

My two-apron garden

Being a farmer most of my life, I get farming fever in the spring. I have a small plot about 20-by-20 feet behind my storage building. I asked a neighbor if he would till it up for me, which he did. I got busy with my hoe, made the rows and planted them. I also weeded the garden with a hoe.

I was quite pleased with my efforts. I raised tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, okra, cucumbers, corn, squash, fall peas, Kentucky wonder green beans, and butterbeans. My fall planting consists of turnips, rutabagas, mustard and cranberry beans. I pick okra, peas, butterbeans and greens in the fall until frost kills them. I share my vegetables with my family.

I'm 74 years old and in good health and very thankful to God for that.

Doris Tart, Harrells, Four County EMC

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