Art by Ronald Ragland


This is Enon Baptist Church, Oxford, N.C., established in 1875. I was born in Granville County about two miles from this church. The church has been updated some and is still a beautiful building inside and out. When it was built in 1919, a newspaper writer wrote that from a distance it looked like an English castle.

The scene is about 1952, when all of the cars were American, most of the women wore hats and the sky always seemed to be a bright blue on Sunday. The men were mostly tobacco and dairy farmers, and there was a lot of talk and laughter after church.

The man at the front door is Rev. Ronald Hicks, the preacher that baptized me in 1949. The 1946 International pick-up on the far right was my first vehicle, although mine was green. I changed it to red because it seemed that all of the vehicles were green in those days. I bought it at age 16 with tobacco money and the big money I made at A&P, in the building that later became Jones Drug Store.

Signed and numbered prints of "Sunday," measuring 16-by-20 inches are available on museum-quality paper for $60 (includes shipping).

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