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Cheery Snowman


Here's a fun project for kids, with just a little cutting help from an adult.


1 Standard pack (500-count) of Q-tips cotton swabs

3 Styrofoam balls;

1 large, 1 medium, 1 small

1 brown pipe cleaner

1 sheet wax paper

1 Popsicle stick or floral stake

Child-safe scissors

Child-safe, non-toxic black paint

Child-safe, non-toxic orange paint

Carefully cut the bottom off the largest Styrofoam ball so it lays flat. Using a Popsicle stick or floral stake, stack all three Styrofoam balls (largest at bottom). Fold and twist five cotton swabs in half; dip nine halves into black paint and one into orange paint. Lay flat on wax paper to dry.

Cut pipe cleaner in half; insert into sides of middle Styrofoam ball as arms. Begin folding cotton swabs; insert into foam balls until covered. Insert black cotton swabs into top ball for coal eyes and mouth and orange cotton swab as the carrot nose. For more craft ideas, visit or Qtips on Facebook.

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