Give renewable energy for the holidays

Give renewable energy for the holidays

This season, people can give the gift of cleaner energy through an NC GreenPower gift card. The goal of NC GreenPower is to supplement the state's existing power supply with more green energy — electricity generated from renewable resources like the sun, wind and organic matter. NC GreenPower also offers carbon offsets to address growing concerns about the impact of greenhouse gases. The program accepts financial contributions from citizens and businesses to help offset the cost to produce green energy.  Your gift card recipient will receive a special announcement about your Renewable Energy or Carbon Offset purchase and environmental benefits.  The gift cards are printed on chlorine-free paper from well-managed forestry sources, with 10 percent post-consumer fibers, and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. There are 10 designs to choose from. NC GreenPower will also send your gift card with a new "Go Green" stamp from the USPS.

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