Recycling shoes=$$$!

Recycling  shoes=$$$!

Shoe recycling for reuse is a no-cost, feel-good way for your organization or school to make money. ShoeBox Recycling will pay 50¢ per pound for paired, secondhand shoes.

How it works

ShoeBox gives you boxes. Fill ’em up and make ’em heavy, as in 40 pounds heavy! ShoeBox gives you a label, pays for UPS shipping, and sends you checks cut monthly based on the pounds of shoes collected. ShoeBox reports Waxhaw Elementary in Waxhaw and S. Ray Lowder Elementary PTA in Lincolnton are among N.C. groups participating.

Find your Solemate

Recyclers can put a note in their shoes and trace the path the shoes take to meet their new feet. Shoes are shipped for reuse around the globe. 

Getting started

Visit, then contact Karin Zarin at (678) 650-0415 or at There is a simple form to submit, and promotional suggestions are available to ensure your program is a shoe-in!

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