The Places in Between - Carolina Country

The Places in Between

Art by Anthony Ulinski

When Raleigh artist Anthony Ulinski started out to paint his impressions of eastern North Carolina, he wanted to capture a landscape often unnoticed as travelers hurtle by on major highways leading to the beach or the Outer Banks.

He marveled at "How vast it was. How flat it was. How distant the horizons are. It's Big Sky country out there. I wasn't looking for the really charismatic scenes of courthouses and churches and beautiful architecture. I was looking for the places in between, the places that were a little understated."

Using paint and wax and a palette knife, he put the light, the wide-open spaces, the fields and farmhouses and towns into a series of paintings called "The Places In Between." They have traveled to several galleries and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. They will be shown at Louisburg College in Louisburg, Jan. 15–Feb. 28, 2014, with a slide lecture by Ulinski at 7 p.m. Jan. 15. Dimensions and prices are at No prints are available.

—Hannah Miller

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