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Things as they should be

By Laura May Conner

Things as they should be

This year got off to a wonderful start. Although life changes continue to swirl around me, I am perfectly content with where I am. Each day more pieces fall into place, and each day I wake up knowing things are exactly as they should be.

Happenings with the Big Farm are gaining momentum. My family and I have met with the architect multiple times and finalized many details of the property. We have established where all of the houses and the barn will be, and we are all super excited on how well everything is turning out.

On my 10 acres, we have chosen a great spot for where my house will be built. On the day we plotted this out, I stood in the middle of what will one day be my forever home and looked around. I drew in a deep breath of still, clean air and readily took in my surroundings. I noticed the sunshine in my mama's hair a few feet away, the stillness of the big pond behind me, my neighbor's horses grazing contentedly in their pasture, and my daddy's strong frame in the distance.

The barn will be built in the center of the 30 acres in front of my parents' house. We decided on size, design and color and look forward to seeing our brainstorming take shape. My family and I chose to order a kit barn and will have a local builder construct it. The barn has been ordered and should arrive in a few short weeks. Construction is set to begin once the barn arrives.

My parents' house will be the first of the houses built on the Big Farm. The architect has done a wonderful job designing their house, and my parents have had a blast planning their dream farm home. Once the barn is complete, construction on my parents' house will begin.

All of the happenings with the Big Farm have kept us all very busy, but it is such a blessing to see our dream transform into reality.

I recently upgraded to a much nicer house in Mebane, just a few houses down from my sister and her family. Again Oliver, Peanut and I packed our bags and prepared for the move. Unfortunately, our third move of the year occurred at the same time as a devastating ice storm. Most everyone within a 30-mile radius was without power for days. Moving in the midst of hundreds of downed trees and power lines was not fun, but we all survived.

Over the next few months, I am getting to enjoy all kinds of fun, farm-related events. My parents and I are attending the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville. We are also going on a farm tour that includes over 40 local farms, and I will be attending a day-long milking school in Virginia. I am learning all I can before the Big Farm is in full swing.

laura may connerI also welcomed a new addition to my little family, a fluff ball of a rabbit named Raffi. He was found abandoned outside a local vet office. Once I heard about him, I knew he was meant to come home with me. He has been such a fun part of my day. Raffi loves to be around people and gets quite a bit of attention for his traditional Angora rabbit hair.

Thank you for visiting my homestead. I hope spring is bringing new beginnings and blessings to each of you. Until next time, Peanut, Oliver, Raffi and I wish you much love and laughter.

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Laura Conner and her family are members of Piedmont EMC and live in Orange County. Follow her homesteading adventures at

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