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Uncle Ralph and David

Uncle Ralph and David

When my brother David was little, he would go outside and call our Uncle Ralph. It was difficult for David to say "Uncle Ralph," so he would crow like a rooster. Every time we visited Uncle Ralph, David was right at his heels. He would go feed the chickens, and David would stand in the yard crowing until Uncle Ralph would crow back. David would run toward the sound of his voice.

Our uncle taught David many things as he grew up: how to grow the best tomatoes, keep the deer out of the garden and much more.

Today, almost 50 years later, David is taking care of Uncle Ralph. Their roles have reversed. David provides him with transportation to doctor appointments, weekly grocery shopping and family get-togethers. David is always there when Uncle Ralph needs him. It is now the younger one's turn to take care of the older generation.

Jane Van Hoy, Statesville, EnergyUnited

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