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Best place for gas in that area is Albemarle Plantation marina, on the shores of the sound near Hertford. With great prices for Loopers!...

Gary Lico

Where is there to refuel or dock in Hertford or Edenton to refuel you can doc in Elizabeth city dock but no place to refuel


A Little Night Light Painting

A Little Night Light Painting

A group of friends and I went camping at the Bladen Lakes State Forest near Elizabethtown. I decided to do a little light painting to etch this camping experience in my memory forever. I gave some light wands to my friends and set the camera on a tripod with a timer on. We had 30 seconds to finish drawing an invisible alphabet each. I am the one who wrote the ‘G.’ Of course, the invisible letters formed the word ‘Camping’ in the resulting 30-second long exposure.

Sameer Potdar, Morrisville

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