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Assistance for farmers

Assistance for farmers

The Rural Advancement Foundation International’s mission is to cultivate markets, policies and communities that support environmentally sound, socially just family farms. Although it works worldwide, RAFI especially focuses on North Carolina and the southeastern United States.  Based in Pittsboro, RAFI supports family farmers directly through farm advocacy, disaster assistance and the Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund. It reports it assisted more than 250 farmers between 2010 and 2013.

Practical examples of RAFI’s help include a grant that helped Carrboro farmers create a tool-lending library for other sustainable farms in the area, as well as a grant to help start the American Prawn Cooperative in a native American farming community in eastern North Carolina. To find out more about RAFI’s training and consulting services, publications and other farmer resources, call or visit the website below.

(919) 542-1396

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