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Are You Sure You Want To Be a Landlord?

Are You Sure You Want To Be a Landlord?

This practical and comprehensive guide provides advice and humor from veteran landlord and North Carolina author Cathy Keeton Azar on how to avoid the pitfalls and headaches of managing tenants. Step-by-step, readers will learn about preparing a lease, applying late fees, qualifying a tenant, avoiding sob stories, and handling repairs. Included are 50 color photographs showing tenants at their worst. Real tenant stories include "The Out of Town Tenants," "The Lawsuit Happy Tenant," "The Tenant Who Liked to Shoot," "The Tile Installer" and "The Tenant Who Provided Their Own Heat." Azar also advises on when to consult an attorney and provides sample forms and websites for obtaining state laws to help potential landlords succeed. "Are You Sure You Want To Be A Landlord?" is published by Warren Publishing of Charlotte. Azar is a member of Union Power Cooperative. Softcover, 178 pages, $17; e-book is $3.99.

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  • I have read this book and the stories of tenents gave me some good chuckles and pretty much tells it like it is. This book offered humor but also was very helpful in dealing with situations that arise with rental properties.

    linda | February 04, 2015 | reply

  • Read it, loved it, informative, fun to red. Saves time, and money if you are in this business. If you have not read it, you lost on a valuable source. Good reference book.

    TWEET | February 05, 2015 | reply

  • Great book. It's a useful resource for someone considering becoming a landlord. It gives you some idea of what you can expect.

    Jeff | February 05, 2015 | reply

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