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Ghost Cats of the South

Ghost Cats  of the South

Some cats give you whisker kisses, while others will invite you to rub them, then swipe you, claws out. And apparently, departed pets are one of the more common ghost experiences. Good ghost kitties, bad ghost kitties, ghost kitties in their many manifestations — you'll meet them all in these 22 stories. Readers can savor stories about a cat smelling of chicken soup who saves a pair of street musicians in Kentucky, a face-hungry Mississippi cat who inhabits the seats of a 1956 Chevy Bel Air, a porcelain cat who inspires girls at a North Carolina summer camp to reveal cherished secrets, and a Virginia cat who must get its owner his glasses before his coffin is sealed. The author, "ghostlorist" Randy Russell, lives outside Asheville. Softcover, 266 pages, 20 b&w photographs, $14.95. Published by John F. Blair in Winston-Salem.

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