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Temper the Winds

Temper the Winds

When Maggie Clay’s husband dies in a TB sanitarium, she is left with Jenny and Josey and less than $3. Financially and emotionally set back, she is taken by her father to a farm life she despises, where she is unloved by her mother, Leona, and shielded by her father, both harboring a long-kept secret.

Meanwhile, Joseph Jameson has no intention after finishing medical school to do his father’s bidding by working by his side, practicing medicine in the southern small town of Enfield. Could bumping into young and beautiful Maggie change his mind?

Sara Windley, the 16-year-old daughter of millionaire Emmitt Windley, is hidden away in a shack in the woods for several months. Is it any wonder that she emerges phobic and a borderline psychotic?

Set in the 1940s, “Temper the Winds” is an e-book written by Wilma Hamill of Roanoke Rapids. Published by Book Baby, 367 pages, $3.99. It can be purchased on multiple websites, including the one below.


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