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The Governor’s Lady

The Governor’s Lady

Cooper Lanier has been surrounded by politics her entire life. Her late father, Cleve Spainhour, was a beloved two-term Southern governor, as was her husband, Pickett Lanier. Now Cooper is taking office as governor herself, succeeding Pickett as he campaigns for president. But she quickly realizes she is surrounded by leftovers from her husband's administration and that Pickett intends to manage the state's affairs from the campaign trail, even if it means undermining her. Cooper is faced with the choice of seizing control or becoming an irrelevant figurehead.

"The Governor's Lady" shows how politics brings out the best and worst in people and how the public arena affects politicians' values and relationships. Author Robert Inman, a former anchorman and reporter, lives in Conover and Boone. Hardcover, 331 pages, $26.95; also available as an e-book for $9.99 through Kobo.

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