Down The Wild Cape Fear

Down The Wild Cape Fear

Author Philip Gerard explores the fabled waters of the Cape Fear River and guides readers on the 200-mile voyage from the confluence of the Deep and Haw rivers at Mermaid Point to the Cape of Fear on Bald Head Island. Accompanying Gerard by canoe and powerboat are people passionate about the river, among them a river guide, a photographer, a biologist, a river keeper, and a boat captain. Historical voices also lend their wisdom to our understanding of this river's long history, which has been a main artery of commerce, culture, settlement and war for the region since it was first discovered in 1524. Gerard also examines the environmental and political issues being played out along Cape Fear waters, including commerce and environmental stewardship, and wilderness and development. 276 pages, $30 (hardcover and e-book). Published by The University of North Carolina Press in Chapel Hill. Gerard, a UNC-Wilmington professor, lives on Whiskey Creek near the Intercoastal Waterway.

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