The ACC Basketball Book Of Fame

The ACC Basketball Book Of Fame

What, Walter Davis didn't make it? No Chris Paul? Let the arguments begin! Veteran sportswriter Dan Collins developed a numerical system to carefully select players, working from ACC voting, awards and accolades for an ACC Basketball Hall of Fame. Most of his inductees have universal appeal—from contemporary greats, including Tyler Hansbrough and J. J. Redick, to old-timers such as Len Chappell and Ronnie Shavlik. But others are nearly forgotten gems, like Lou Pucillo, the 5-foot-9 high-school benchwarmer discovered playing against the Philadelphia School for the Blind and Deaf.

Collins, who has covered every ACC basketball tournament since 1974, recounts meaty anecdotes that even hardcore fans may not have heard. Remember Tim Duncan's comment after Randolph Childress beaned a Duke fan with a postgame full-court heave? Or David Thompson's legendary kindnesses to fans and critics? In addition to 78 illustrated player profiles Collins also includes a "Portico of Prominence" chapter, which recognizes players (among them Davis and Paul) who were undoubtedly great but didn't accumulate the credentials for Hall of Fame admission. Collins writes for the Winston-Salem Journal. Hardcover, 288 pages, $26.95; e-book available through digital media stores such as Google Play ($7.99).

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