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This new book transports us back to an earlier time on the Outer Banks, when folks on these isolated islands lived without conveniences we take for granted today. Residents relied on sailing ships to bring supplies and deliver mail, and families often kept a horse and cart for long-distance transportation. Travel within the village was usually on foot. Life-saving teams trained constantly, ready to rescue passengers and crew from frequent shipwrecks off the coast. In a place dominated by sometimes sublime, sometimes fierce weather, island culture was defined by simplicity, determination, courage and self-sufficiency. Author Elvin Hooper's roots run deep on the Outer Banks. He is a lifelong resident of Hatteras Island and a member of Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative. "Chicamacomico: How it was back then" is published by Chapel Hill Press. Softcover, 370 pages, $15.95.

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