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Fence Pal Fencing Trailer

Fence Pal Fencing Trailer

Whether you need to fence in a small area or several acres, the Fence Pal Fencing Trailer is designed to make the job faster, safer and less tiring. The trailer was developed by the Turner family of Lexington. Tim Turner, an engineer, wanted to build something that could help his wife and him install heavy rolled fencing and that could be pulled by a riding mower or ATV, not a tractor. Using the family's newly invented trailer, he used his 27-horsepower lawn mower to install 330 foot of fence in only two hours. The trailer works by using leverage to raise the fence up and friction to unroll and stretch the fence into place. Because of the design, it is easy to move around loaded. The patent-pending invention sells for $295.

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  • Saw your trailer on the internet and am interested, but am wondering if you had a short video of it working so that I could see it?

    Lee Corey | January 21, 2013 | reply

  • You can read more about it on www.farmshow.com/view_articles.php?a_id=1401

    Fence Pal | January 22, 2013 | reply

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