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Photos of vintage cars

Photos of vintage cars

Photographer Phil Bisesi developed his love of cars at age 6 during the early 1960s, Detroit's heyday of auto design. Back then, designers gave each car a unique personality that materialized in fabulous fins, oversized fenders and glossy chrome grilles. Young Phil would sit on his front porch and identify passing cars by make, model and year (which seemed to impress the adults). His interests in cars and photography later intersected and the result is a collection of old car photos taken mostly in salvage yards around North Carolina and beyond. Phil's recent interest is HDR (high dynamic range) photography, which reveals details that are lost in normally exposed images. An 8-by-10 print mounted on an 11-by-14 mat is $20 (other sizes available), plus shipping. Prints are sold through the link below. You may also contact Phil, who lives in Pittsboro, via his email below.

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