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Add Sweet Gestures to Gift-Giving

Four ways to give your loved one a customized experience

By Rue Reynold

Add Sweet Gestures to Gift-Giving

Seeing the joy and surprise on a loved one’s face after receiving a thoughtful present can make the stress of holiday blues well worth it. Here are a few tips to make the time extra special.

1Pick their favorite color It sounds simple, but choosing a loved one’s favorite color can make a gift go from “This is great” to “This is for me.” Whether it’s represented in the gift itself or the packaging you put it in, incorporate the color and make your loved one feel that much more special.

2 Add their initials Whether you write, carve, engrave or sew them on, initials are one of the easiest ways to personalize a gift. Your loved one can look on in pride knowing the gift is for them and no one else.

3 A blast from the past Sometimes the best gift that says “you” is a physical representation of the past that touches your loved one’s heart. Simple gift ideas include their very first guitar pick made into a keychain, a small figurine or sculpture of a beloved pet that has passed, or even a token of a past accomplishment.

4 Stage the reveal Make the event unforgettable by revealing the gift in a way your loved one would enjoy. Perhaps they take joy in scavenger hunts or solving riddles, or maybe having a pet carry the gift would melt their heart. Think about their interests, favorite activities or games, and customize the reveal.

Whether it’s in the color or the reveal, a simple gesture can make gift-giving a whole new experience.

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Rue Reynold is the editorial assistant for Carolina Country

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