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Fabulous, Functional Kitchen and Bath Updates

Modernized updates utilize sleek lines and new technology

By FamilyFeatures.com

Fabulous, Functional Kitchen and Bath Updates

Upgrades happen for all kinds of reasons, but one of the most common purposes of a home renovation is to make essential spaces like kitchens and bathrooms more modern.

Modernizing your spaces isn’t just about the aesthetic, although that is usually a big advantage. Updating your kitchen and bath is also an opportunity to introduce new technology and enhancements that improve the function of these high-traffic rooms.

Smart technology

Although the idea of a connected home isn’t new, technology is steadily improving. This means smart features are now often more affordable, easily integrated into the rest of your home, and available to help manage a wider range of household items.

In the kitchen, you can add smart technology in numerous ways, from appliances and indoor heating and cooling control to lighting and window treatments. Touch-to-open and touch-to-close drawers are great for ease and convenience.

In the bathroom, you can incorporate connected health and fitness monitors, touchless toilets, mirrors that double as information centers, towel warmers, and even showers that automatically adjust to your preferred temperature.

Multi-purpose sinks

Some of the latest sink design innovations include built-in features such as cutting boards, colanders, bowls, drying racks, and compost areas. In addition, motion-activated wastebaskets with separate compost or recycling containers provide hands-free access to reduce unwanted messes.

Touchless faucets

Public restrooms aren’t the only places you can benefit from a touchless faucet. At home, the feature may come in handy when your hands are full or dirty. An automatic water flow is convenient and can help keep germs and grime under control.


Cabinets are the biggest component of most kitchens. Since kitchens tend to be the heart of the home, it’s important to maintain a homey feel while adding the luxury of modern features. Using warm colors and sleek door styles can deliver a glamorous yet welcoming design. To see various styles, you can visit cabinetry company websites such as Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Free-standing tubs

A luxurious soaking tub is a top demand for many homeowners, and trends are moving toward free-standing options that create a focal point in an oasis-like bathroom. You may be envisioning an old-fashioned, clawfoot style, but there are numerous modern takes on the traditional version that can fit seamlessly into a modern design.

Wood-look flooring

Natural wood floors were once the gold standard, but thanks to improvements in the quality and appearance of laminate and vinyl products, you can find alternative flooring in even high-end homes. Laminate and vinyl planks give the same look as wood (or stone) to complement a modern aesthetic, but usually at a lower price point and with greater durability over time.

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