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Family Staycation Fun

3 ideas that won’t break the budget


Family Staycation Fun

It’s a good idea to take an occasional step back from the hectic schedules that accompany everyday life and plan for a good time. Consider these ideas for your next family “stayacation.”

1Picnic in your local park.
Pack a basket with “Dagwood-style” sandwiches, fruit and a special treat you ordinarily don’t have on hand. After eating, take advantage of the open space for a family walk or a game of tag or Frisbee.

2Camp out in your backyard.
Pitch a tent to sleep under the stars and enjoy camping activities like roasting hot dogs and s’mores, identifying constellations and telling spooky stories by flashlight. (If you put the flashlight under your chin and aim the light upward across your face, it creates scary shadows perfect for ghost tales. Camping on/near a full moon night can also amp up the fun.)

3Visit local landmarks.
Seek out historic sites and museums in your area. Afterwards, pick up takeout at a restaurant so you won’t have to cook when you get home. You can also cap off your special day by picking up ice cream cones. Bonus points for visiting places you’ve never been to before!

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