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Redecorate With Natural Elements Plus Color

Refresh your home, from flooring to plant life


Redecorate With Natural Elements Plus Color

If you’re ready for a change in season, redecorating your home is a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Making changes can be easier than you expect when you give natural materials a leading role in your design. Elements like plants, wood and organic textiles allow you to express your own style while paying homage to the great outdoors.

One downside of natural materials such as wood and stone is that they usually aren’t particularly colorful. If you prefer neutrals anyway, you can layer in different shades of white and add a few pale shades of one color, such as pink, to freshen a room. But if you like a lot of color, then pair natural materials with brighter colors.

Peppy color choices include citrusy shades like lime greens and lemon yellows. If you like blues, try pops of turquoise. You can also easily incorporate color through decorative items such as pillows, themed door wreaths, vases and artwork.

Speaking of art, handmade items can elevate the character of a room when compared to mass-manufactured wares. For example, choose a single piece of bright artwork you love from a talented artist rather than multiple pieces of mass-produced art from a retailer. Consider showcasing your new item with a special light or pretty frame.

Here are other ways to incorporate natural and handcrafted materials into your spaces:

Hardwood flooring

The floor is often the largest design element of a room. Consider changing out old carpet to artisan-crafted hardwood. Products like Carlisle Wide Plank Floors are crafted one board at a time, so the emphasis is on the wood’s natural beauty. You can choose a custom look, from wood species and grade to texture and color, or opt for a more universal finish.

Natural textiles

Linen and rough cotton fabrics bring distinctive textures that maintain an organic vibe. Natural textiles can also be quite durable, making them practical selections for often-used spaces. Elements to consider changing include window treatments, bedding and decorative throws.

Natural stone

When many people think about stone, features like countertops come to mind. But incorporating stone in more unexpected ways often can make an even bigger impression. For example, you might choose a coffee table or end tables that feature stone accents.

Plant life

Incorporate fresh flowers and houseplants as part of your design. Pick up bouquets of spring flowers such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils at your local grocery store or display flowers cut from your own yard. For new houseplants, consider lighting, watering and other care requirements. Bromeliad lend a tropical touch and often just need watering once a week. If you are short on table display space, go vertical and hang plants such as Boston Ferns, English Ivy and String of Pearls — all trail prettily.

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