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Summertime Staycation

Create an at-home your family will always remember


Summertime Staycation

Staying at home rather than traveling can feel more challenging as the summer progresses. But you don’t have to put the fun on hold. Consider these ideas to plan and create backyard beach and lake days of your own.

Create the atmosphere

Recreate the feeling of being at the lake or beach by designing your own tropical “view” in your backyard. With inflatable palm trees, comfy lounge chairs and an umbrella, you can begin to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. For those who like to enjoy a cold drink, be sure your chaise lounge or chair includes a cup holder. Add some colorful striped towels, some good magazines or a book, and break out that coconut-flavored sunscreen.

Crank up the tunes

Make a special playlist, grab the speakers and sway to the music. Categories to consider include reggae and surf music. Classic song suggestions include “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem” by Kenny Chesney, “Summer Nights” by Olivia Newton-John and “Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters. Don’t forget to consult the teens, though!

Fire up the grill

Fire up the grill for a cookout or make a picnic-style lunch with especially tasty sandwiches and some special snacks that you normally enjoy just on vacations. Get your blender out to make some sweet family “mocktails” and smoothies and pour your cold concoctions into gaily colored plastic cups.

Cool pool

You don’t need the lake or ocean to enjoy hours in the water. You can find smaller, inflatable pools at local hardware centers and home improvement stores as well as online. If you want an above-ground swimming pool, there are a surprisingly wide range of choices when it comes to sizes and prices. They vary a lot, but generally range between $1,600 to $5,000, including installation. Consider investing in pool toys as well. For example, Intex offers a play center complete with a waterslide, wading pool, water sprayer and ring toss game. Inflatable floats offer a way for everyone to express their unique style, whether it’s a pizza slice float or a hot pink dragon.

Dig your toes in the sand

A couple of days before your staycation would be the great time to purchase that sandbox for your kids. Prices generally range between $30 on up to $300. You can get the sand you’ll need at your local hardware store or nursery and “big box” stores. Be sure to add in a basic beach set that includes a good plastic shovel, bucket and rake, along with a tall water bottle to help mold sandcastles.

Play games

No beach day is complete without your favorite beach games. Keep it casual with Frisbee and paddle ball or set up a volleyball net for a little bit of friendly family competition. Other ideas include throwing a large beach ball back and forth and setting up a cornhole bean bag toss board.

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