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Take Back Your Garage

Five hacks to tame, maximize space

By StatePoint

Take Back Your Garage

The new year is a great time to start afresh. For many, that means becoming better organized so we can enjoy more streamlined surroundings and easily locate the things we need.

Regardless of the size of their house, people can be especially pressed for garage space, from DIYers overwhelmed with tools, to parents who need to store a growing mound of recreational equipment. Toter, a manufacturer of carts, cans and containers based in Statesville, offers these tips for garage storage.

  • Get creative

    Ceiling storage racks are an excellent way to use what would otherwise be dead space. Some racks are even designed to fit directly above the area where an automatic door goes up and down. Peg boards for tools and stackable totes are also good choices.
  • Box it up

    Invest in a multi-purpose job box that is the right size for your needs. Consider the shape, capacity and compartments needed to hold your tools. Rolling storage options are great for work done only at home, while a job box may be better for those who do work elsewhere. If portability is important, look at lighter-weight options. New plastic job boxes combine the strength, durability and security of a large metal box with enhanced maneuverability.
  • Think mobility

    Being able to move containers within the garage is important — make sure you have room to lift containers up and out as needed. The ability to move equipment into your vehicle and hit the road quickly also makes life a lot easier. Pack camping equipment in containers that easily fit in your vehicle. Place frequently used items near the door, such as bikes and other sports equipment. Seasonal decorations and less-often used items can go overheard in the back of the garage.
  • Categorize

    Assign and color-code dedicated areas for each type of item, such as wood-working supplies, recreation equipment or outdoor toys.
  • Keep trash in its place

    To keep odors contained, select a mobile trash cart with a tight-fitting lid that’s compatible with your haulers’ pickup requirements and comes with a warranty. Some manufacturers also offer cart and can liners to keep your garage smelling fresh.
If you have children and/or pets, be sure to consider their safety in your storage arrangements. For example, you can stash lawn chemicals and vehicle fluids in a lockable cabinet. Along the same lines, instead of leaning equipment such as rakes or shovels against the wall, hang them to prevent a tripping hazard.

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