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Tile Style

Clever ways to punch up the pizazz

By Brandpoint

Tile Style

Photo by BBRadius

Today’s tile trends extend far beyond their traditional use in bathroom design. While once the most innovative tiles had to be imported, contemporary handcrafted tile products are being made here in the United States.

Creative use of these attractive tiles can easily elevate small spaces such as foyers, fireplace surrounds or a kitchen backsplash. Here are three great ways to showcase tile in your home.

1Make a color statement. One good approach is to choose colors that complement elements already in the room. But you can also consider other complementary color pairs when making decor choices, such as red-green, blue-orange or yellow-purple. Consult a color wheel for interesting combinations.

2Mix shapes. Use tiles interchangeably to create a unique design. For example, The Ann Sacks Radius Collection has five distinct modular designs. They can be used independently or combined to create patterns.

3Create material interest. The choice of tile, whether smooth, dimensional or otherwise patterned, adds a textural element. Look at the textures already in the room where you are installing new tile. Do you want to add sleekness? Or create an earthy effect? This helpful exercise will assist you in your choices.

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